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What does it mean to create a "whole" dog?

                                                              Simply put though, having a whole dog starts with understanding.




Understanding that your dog is communicating with you everyday. Take the time to learn some of the most common dog signals

Understanding how you interact, talk to, teach and treat your dog will have a huge impact on behavior.

Understanding that what you feed is crucial to you dog's overall health. The food you feed can cause allergies, hot spots, early health issues as well as behavioral issues.

Understanding that anything and everything we put into, onto and use around our dog can affect their overall health and behavior.

Understanding that not all dogs are the same....each one will need to be treated as their own individual self.

Understanding what proper socialization really means. It's not about dogs being these fairy tale dogs hopping and skipping together in the clouds. It is teaching your dog how to be calm in public situations, how to great others politely,  respond when asked.

Understanding what you ask, why you are asking, how you ask it.  Understanding what you dog is communicating to you. Yes, they communicate every day.

There is no "one way" as every dog, every situation is different.

There is no "one person" that has all the answers. If your trainer isn't studying new methods, new studies, new enrichment toys and tools....they aren't being the best they can be for your dog. 

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