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Have a question? Here's some answers.

Welcome to the Wholistic Canine Coach Help Center. I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from my clients into one place. Check them out below - maybe you’ll have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, do not hesitate to reach out.

Questions about dog training, dog nutrition, dog diets Where to get the help you need.
Girls best friend
What is your training methodology?

There are a LOT of training methods out there​.  Battling through the craziness can be scary.

Positive trainers

Balanced trainers

Obedience trainers

Science based


I honestly don't believe I can label myself. I learn from every dog, study from every possible journal, book, trainer, etc that I possibly can. I take the best from everything and try to become the best I can be...FOR THE DOG.

If I had to I would say I use balanced, positive based techniques.

  •  I do not believe that you should have to use force or dominance to teach a dog.

  • We can love our dogs, I love mine, but we have to remember that they are dogs. Once we do, we can learn their basic needs and then learn to understand their behaviors and communicate in ways that they understand to teach them positive behaviors.

  • You can not send a dog away to correct it’s behavior issues. The dog learned these behaviors because of a lack of understanding. So, the owner needs to learn how to be a proper communicator, protector and the dog will follow.

  • I work with the owners, teaching them, then together, we teach the dog.

  • Making just a few changes in the way we communicate with our dog will change the relationship forever.

Which food should I feed?

No one food or diet is perfect for every dog. That being said, feeding a species appropriate diet will always be best for your pet.

There are some great options if you aren't comfortable feeding raw such as pre-made frozen raw foods. If this still isn't your cup of tea there are a few good quality kibble options.

The better your dog's diet, the better his overall health, physically and mentally and behaviorally.

What treats and toys are best to keep my dog out of trouble?

Again, no one treat or toy is perfect for every dog.

It is still best to be as healthy as possible with treats. Stay away from ones with a lot of carbs, sugars, etc.

The best toys are ones that stimulate your dog. A tired brain is the best tired dog. Try to stay away with anything made from China, plastics or rubber toys. If you have a  dog with high prey drive, stay away from stuffed squeeking toys.

Which types of animals does Wholistic Canine Coach train?


Big dogs, little dogs, young dogs, older dogs.

From the young pup starting out in the big scary human world to dogs that have had to fend for themselves and need to learn to trust humans.

All dogs deserve a chance, someone to take time and try to understand them. They need a human to speak for them...I want to be that human.

Do's and Don'ts


Take time with your dog

Live in the moment-your dog does

Be proud of the small achievements

Praise and reward often

Be the voice for your dog

Love them but remember-they are still dogs. Their needs are different.


Yell at your dog-he doesn't understand

Punish your dog for something he did in the past or even a few minutes ago

believe that painful devices or methods are the only thing that will work for your dog

Spank, swat, or use time outs

What does Wholistic Canine Coach do differently than others in your field?

Well, that is going to be a bit hard to answer since I don't know how every other trainer works. All I can go by is what my clients tell me.

Iunderstand that every dog,every family and every situation is different.

Not every family has the same lifestyle or want the same things from their pet. Not every dog learns the same.

My protocol is the same but how we adapt it for your family and lifestyle will set you up for success.

Uuug pulling
Premade raw
Freeze Dried
Durable and supervised
Durable and supervised
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