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Bad Dog!!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The myths and errors in how people are attempting or being told by uneducated trainers on how to "train" their dogs is creating more and more aggressive , fearful or anxious dogs.

Its reached a point where trying to be politely professional needs to get tossed out a window.

When your dog is not behaving is not the dogs fault. The minute you bring a dog or puppy into your made a silent "lifelong" promise to provide and protect them. This means teach vs waiting for them to screw up then get mad and correct. Its too late at this point if we are not teaching them.. They will teach them selves. Bottom line

You need to get the "my dog needs to obey me mentality out of the front of your brain.

Obey implies understanding as well as absolutely infers your dog should fear you.

If we could stop, step outside of the people aspect and realize that the pet/human relationship is often 1 sided. We bring them into our home and expect them to learn english, respond immediately,

ignore instincts, not having the ability to communicate their needs and are forced to being hugged, picked up, woke up etc.

We have to to start making this a 2 way street. Teach vs correct, be patient, be slow, be consistant and above all, make them feel safe.

Let's be better


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