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Lickmats for Dogs in 2023: Understanding Recipes for Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

Hey there pet owners! If you're looking for a way to promote healthy eating habits, reduce boredom and anxiety, increase mental stimulation, and enhance bonding with your furry friend, you might want to try using a lick mat or slow feeder during mealtime.

By now I am sure you have heard of or seen a video of lickmats, but do you kow how beneficial they can be for your dog's physical and mental health?

First off, using a lick mat or slow feeder can help prevent common digestive issues such as bloating and vomiting, as it encourages your dog to eat more slowly. It can also reduce the risk of obesity by preventing overeating due to food being gulped down too quickly.

In addition to promoting physical health, lick mats and slow feeders can also benefit your dog's mental wellbeing. The process of licking food or working to extract it from a slow feeder can be mentally stimulating, which can promote cognitive function and mental health. It can also help alleviate boredom and anxiety by providing an engaging activity that distracts your dog from any underlying stressors or triggers.

Using a lick mat or slow feeder can also be a bonding experience for both you and your furry friend. It allows you to interact with your dog during mealtime and provide positive reinforcement, which can help strengthen your relationship.

And don't worry about the clean-up! Lick mats and slow feeders are typically easy to clean, which can save you time and effort compared to traditional feeding methods. This can be especially beneficial for busy pet owners or those with multiple pets.

But that's not all! Did you know that when a dog licks, it increases the production of saliva, which can promote oral health and reduce the risk of infection? Using lick mats, especially with frozen food or treats, can further increase saliva production, which contains enzymes that break down bacteria and other harmful substances in the mouth.

Finally, the repetitive action of licking is shown to release endorphins in the brain, which cause a calming effect. When dogs lick, their brain releases dopamine and endorphins, which make them feel relaxed, calm, and happy.

So, are lick mats just for treats? NO! Use them at meal time.

Ways to use a lickmat. If you feed kibble, you can spread it out, add warm water, or better yet some broth, pumkpin, yoghurt, raw goat's milk, even add some fruit or veggies.

If you feed a premade raw, you can partially thaw the food and smear it across the lickmat and add some or all of the previous added ingredients, then refreeze and serve it at meal time frozen.

The actual options are endless. As long as the ingredients are dog safe, have fun and treat your dog to a special fun meal.

So, if you want to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for your furry friend, try using a lick mat or slow feeder during mealtime. Mealtime shouldn't just be exciting, but enjoyable. Your dog will thank you for it.

Here are a few of my favorites.



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