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That Trainer Does WHAT?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

There is no one method that will work 100% with every dog. If a trainer or group is quick to say this, look elsewhere.

This is not intended to point fingers, place shame or above be a catalyst for name calling, hateful comments etc. I know that can be a confusing and heated area, especially in the training world.

Dogs should know what to do immediately.

I have always felt in my soul that dogs, animals in general are so misunderstood, Underestimated and although unintentional, all too often mistreated in the name of training. It goes without saying I have always believed in building trust and a relationship will go further with our pets than impatience, a heavy tone of worse a heavy hand.

The following methodology is vast and diverse in the training world and can become very heated.

Force Free

Positive or Scientific based

Reward Based


Alpha or Dominance based


Any of these can put forth pros within their training styles as well as other styles quickly put forth a long list of cons toward other styles of training.

I do believe that more scientific studies need to be done with our canine companions.

On the same token, i also believe we need to be careful with those studies and understand we have to be careful relying solely on existing scientific data. Animals or cognitive thinkers, problem solver. That is until humans take those abilities away from them and feel the need to "tell" their dog what to do every given moment.

What kind of relationship do you want with your pet?

So, who is in the right? Any trainer that doesn't have the physical and mental well being of your pet at the top of their priority list should be avoided.

A good trainer has a huge supply of tricks in their arsenal but will never cause harm.

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