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Traditional, Western, Holistic Medicine...What is the difference?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

This is a topic that could go on endlessly. We want to be careful when trying to tread the waters. Without going into all of the endless branches I will cut to the cliff notes on this topic.

The nitty gritty on Western medicine, or what we as a generation are most used to using is primarily focused on:

Symptom relief

Acute issues

Emergency care

Diagnosing and testing

Surgical procdures

Clinical trials

Pharmaceuticals and drug interactions

This is great for emergencies, acute issues such as sudden onset medical issues, etc. Symptoms are treated and managed.

Now for Holistic as it is sometimes called or alternative and even Eastern medicine.

The Holistic approach takes into consideration of the whole body, so the physical and mental state of being. Utilizing a holistic approach to healing may encompass the use of all forms of healthcare.

Then there is Naturopathy. It is a modality using natural remedies such as herbs, massage, acupuncture and even exercise to help the body heal itself.

Naturopathy doesn't treat the symptom but starts at the possible source of the symptom. Thus stopping it from occurring again. This often starts with nutrition and gut health as well as detoxification and behavioral modification.

Let's not forget Homeopathy.

This is another alternative approach that treats disease using the "laws of similar".

This is based on the laws of homeopathy that:

Like cures like, using minute doses to help recovery.

Is it this simple?

Of course each of these are more involved than this brief description.

Bottom line, as our pets advocate and voice, we have to educate ourselves to be able to do what is best for our particular situation.

You will find out pretty quickly that I will always utilize a vet for emergency situations and to help diagnose but when it comes to treating I will use the most natural approach possible.

We have to remember, even though our pets have been domesticated they are still instinctual animals and anytime we give them a synthetic prescription or what we consider conventional medicines like vaccines, flea prevention, antibiotics their natural instincts are affected. Not to mention their physical responses.

We will delve further into different ways to help our pets more in future posts.

Hug those floofers. Give them the attention they need to thrive.

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