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Top 10 Ways Your Dog Communicates

Dogs are communicating with us every single day. We just misunderstand or even miss their communication signals.

Ever wondered how your canine best friend communicates their undying affection or even displeasure? Dogs, the masters of expressing love, have secret codes beyond tail wagging! Get ready to decode these adorable gestures and uncover the true meaning of puppy love.

Tail Wagging Wonders -

The most misunderstood communication ever. We've always thought it's all about happiness, right? Tail wagging can be an enigma! While it's often a sign of affection, it can also reveal a range of emotions beyond joy, from warning, showing stress, uncertainty and more. Let's go over the other top 9 ways they communicate with us.

The Shadow Pup Phenomenon

Ever feel like you've got a loyal sidekick is

following your every step? Your dog's insistence on sticking close isn't just

about needs—most think it is an unmistakable sign of pure love and

attachment. It can also be a sign of anxiety.

It is also a sign of imprinting. Dogs often connect with one member of the

household. This doesn't mean it will be the human that is the primary

caretaker. It is often with the human that they feel safest being around.

Face Licks Galore! Love it or find it a bit much?

Face licking isn't just slobbery

—it can be a display of adoration! When your furry buddy plants a wet kiss,

they're saying "I love you" in their unique way. be cautious and learn your

dog as it can also be an appeasement action.

Jumping Joys (or Nuisance?)

Coming home to an excited dog jumping

around may seem hectic, but it's their attempt to bridge the gap and greet

you at eye level. It's all about wanting to be closer to their favorite human!

We have to teach them they will get more attention when they have paws


Canine Compassion

When We Sick or Upset.

Notice your dog's behavior shift when you're under the weather? That's pure

concern and care! Your pet feels the need to watch over you when you're not feeling your best. They may not understand what is going on and it can

make them nervous as well.

Bedtime Companions.

Whether you allow it or not, your pup's desire to cuddle

up with you is instinctive. They are social animals and are usually more

comfortable all huddled up with their humans. Your bed becomes a shared

space, symbolizing affection and togetherness.

The Lean of Love.

People often mistake it for dominance! When your dog leans on you, it's can be

their way of showing closeness and affection, a gesture of trust and

connection. They will sometimes do this when they are in an uncomfortable or

uncertain situation

Picture-Perfect Smiles.

Yes, dogs smile too! Although subtle, their facial expressions convey

happiness, playfulness, and deep affection. It's their special way of spreading

joy! Dogs will often show their teeth as if they are smiling in an act of

appeasement when they are nervous.

Playful Roughhousing.

Those playful nips and tugs? It's not about aggression but a throwback to their

puppy days. Your dog's rough play is an invitation to bond and have fun

together. This can get out of hand so we do have to manage the excitement.

The Intense Stare.

Locked eyes, often misunderstood as a challenge? It can be a flood of

oxytocin, the love hormone! When your dog gazes at you, it's an overflow of

affection and deep connection. Knowing the difference between a gaze and

stare is crucial though.

Share with us: How does your precious pooch express their love for you?

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