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Why? Just Why Do People Set Dogs Up To Fail?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Is bad behavior the dog's fault?

So I'm not sure if there is a delicate way to start this topic. Here it goes

People get irritated, upset, even angry with certain behaviors from dogs. Why? Is it REALLY the dog's fault? The cold truth is no.

Let me just sight some examples....just from today.

Let me start by saying I have a clients dogs with me that has anxiety with people moving, cars, basically anything that is moving.

In instance 1 dog barks as someone is approaching and we are working on calm focus to help her relax. She is doing well with a couple of weak barks after focus is asked.. Yet, here is the person that can see me trying to keep her focused and calm, barking at the dog. SERIOUSLY?

Next, same dog, similar situation. This time the person won't stop baby talking and trying to give the her treats. Again, hello! Can you not see us working??

Is your dog not being obedient?

Next is a young wolfhound puppy that has his tail tucked so far you can barely tell he has one. The owners are determined to weigh him. We are at an independent pet store and they approach the scale, owner is switching from saying "step" and "heal". All the while this puppy is falling to the ground in fear. With each word from the owners and each time that he sank to the floor that e collar light was flashing .i didnt even know what she wanted..How could the dog?

This is just one day. Yet, these types of things happen daily.

Lets not overlook all of the outdated, unorthodox methods people do too stop their dogs from doing something. Getting angry and yelling at their dogs...

We have to start stepping up and do better for the dogs in our care. At the same time, we need to be able to call out inappropriate interactions from people with pets in our care.

This is a subject that needs addressed broke down and addressed more in the future.

Just please, be the voice and advocate for pets.

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